About Our Company

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We proudly introduce ourselves as one of the most reputed manufacturing organization in the field of Weatherproof & Flameproof Thermocouple (Temperature Sensing Devices) accessories since last two decades. Continuous Research & Development program coupled with regular studying of customer needs in light of technological evolution has helped us in designing & manufacturing a wide range of products from time to time. With more than two decades in field, we have established prestigious clients all over the country who are continuously catering in the fields of Chemical,

Fine chemicals, Petrochemicals, Food, Power, Iron & Steel, Paper, Cement, Plastics, Dyes etc. In keeping with high traditions & standards in quality & technology our company's name & goodwill has always enjoyed the confidence of our existing prestigious clients who are associated with renowned organizations. Please spend a few moments going through our products by visiting our websites www.satgurumetal.in (OR) www.satgurumetal.com. We shall be pleased to submit our most competitive offers for all inquiries received. We strongly recommend trying our products in the strongest possible terms as above cited many reasons are enough to prove our claim.

Now, we look forward to adding your prestigious name in our list of growing clientele.